Committees at WEGC

Prefects at WEGC are excellent leaders who run committees of students to help plan school events and initiatives.  Applications are due early in the year and prefects look at the quality of applications and try to select a good range of students, spreading the opportunities for involvement and leadership around.


Library Committee 


Library Prefects with 20+ students from all year levels.

Qualities of committee members

Clubs and Groups

Cultural Groups

WEGC values the divertisy among its students.  We have Cultural Prefects and a Cultural Commitee to organise food fairs and concerts.

Support Services

If you have concerns about yourself, a friend or family member, please contact these support options. If you don’t ‘connect’ with the first person that you contact, try again or try another agency.


WEGC Guidance Counsellor

Please contact the Guidance Counsellor with any social/emotional concerns or mental health issues. This may include: stress, bereavement, difficulty adjusting to a new school, family issues, depression, teenage issues, etc.