The Gateway Programme is offered at WEGC to selected students from the senior school. Gateway is a programme which opens pathways for students from school to the world of work. This is an opportunity for students to blend school study with workplace learning and experience, whilst trying out potential career paths.


Information for Employers

For employers, the programme offers the possibility of extra part-time help and the possibility to assess potential employees before hiring.  Gateway aims to deliver hands-on practical learning situations that lead to national qualifications whilst building work place experience and thus assisting students to move smoothly from school to the workplace.  Presently we have many senior students in the Gateway programme and we are grateful to businesses in the school community who are prepared to support a Gateway student in their workplace. 

For further information and to register your interest, please contact:

  • Gateway Administrator, Mrs Anita Van Driel – Tel: DDI 801 0425 or 0274 93 0035


Tertiary Education Commission Website: Gateway Information