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In 2012 we reformed the committee and have a great group of people committed to bringing energy and new ideas to the Old Girls’ Association. 

The latest edition of the Once Were Easters newsletter is available here (Feb 2015).

Old Girls' Charms






Honouring East school leavers with a charm

“Many of the girls were wearing them at school the next day, as a bracelet charm or necklace. They loved them!!”

This was the report back from Acting Principal Ann Greenaway the day after the OWE’s new limited edition silver charms were awarded to the school leavers at Prizegiving in November 2012.

Designed by girls on the Arts Committee, these charms in the shape of a compass were inspired by the words of the school haka. The plan is to create a different charm and motif for each year, building up a special collection over time.

Charms can be purchased by old girls for a special price through Beverly Upton. 

Your committee

President: Sandra Aubrey

Patron: Sally Haughton (WEGC Principal)

Treasurer:  Helen Lambert

Vice President​/Secretary: Shona Cvetkovic

Board of Trustees Rep: Margie Wheeler

Members: Colleen Beaumont, Beth Hall, Karen Vile


We welcome your membership of Once Were Easters. Any former Wellington East pupil can join. Membership is only $20 a year (January to December).

Become a member by emailing us now : oncewereeasters@wegc.school.nz or send your cheque and contact details to: ONCE WERE EASTERS WEGC OGA PO Box 3508 Wellington 6040.

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Postal Adress : ONCE WERE EASTERS-WEGC OGA, PO Box 3508, Wellington 6040