Tēnā koutou katoa,

Over the lockdown period a significant amount of learning was undertaken by staff and students to engage in distance learning. One of the things that has been important to us has been to learn from our East@home digital learning experience and see if we can build on the innovation that took place and incorporate elements into our on site programmes. 

We surveyed students about East@home to get a sense of what aspects of this approach supported their learning. Many students cited having autonomy over their learning and an opportunity to persist with tasks over a longer period of time as being a contributing factor to their satisfaction with learning.

To build on this we held a self directed approach for students on the first Friday back at school called “Flexi Friday”. After our first trial we collected feedback from the students. There was significant engagement in this survey and strong student support to continue with this approach. The purpose of “Flexi Friday” is to further develop student agency and self management and an understanding of our school values of Rangatiratanga and Whanaungatanga. 

Students will be given support during the Ako programme this week to prepare and identify how they will be using their time on Friday. Teachers will also be supporting students in their decision making.

Student attendance on this day is compulsory as there will be new learning happening across classes as well as tutorials, one to one conferencing and workshops held by teachers. 

Thank you for your support as we trial this new approach.

Ngā mihi

Gael Ashworth