Message from Head Students

Hello! As the start of Term 2 has dawned on us, Lorna and I decided this would be the perfect time for us to share with our students, teachers and WEGC community a small project we have been working on. Derived from the 'Humans of New York' blog, we wanted to create a safe space where anyone from the East community could share a story about themselves, their struggles or their achievements. We hope this will enable us to forge connections in this uncertain time, disregard social stereotypes that hold us back from our community best and most importantly acknowledge the journeys that got them to WEGC. 

Every year it has been the tradition that the prefect group remakes the song 'Empire State of Mind' a song about New York. This year we've also decided to remake something to do with New York; we wanted to share the essence of community and promote unity, one story at a time. The site also pays  respect to the people of New York who are suffering with COVID-19 as it has now become the epicentre of the virus. We hope that this project can bring us all closer and provide a forum to promote respect and understanding for each other.

Yours always

Sophie and Lorna