Communications were sent to all parents yesterday outlining the situation related to an investigation into the circulation of digital images. The school received a request earlier in the year from Fairfax Media to release the report that was produced following an investigation into the issue. We declined to release the report for privacy reasons and because of concern for the health and safety of the minors involved. 

We have been advised by the Ombudsman that we don't need to release the report but recommended that we provide a summary for public release. I have attached the summary of the report for you to read, which we will also be providing to Fairfax Media at the Ombudsman’s recommendation. Please click her to view the summary

Earlier in the year it was indicated that we had been working to create a greater focus on online safety, blocking social media sites during the day and developing forums for students to work with us to develop and implement good digital practices. I have really appreciated your feedback about these issues.


Sally Haughton