The asbestos present is non-friable and only poses a risk when disturbed.  The project team believes that the demolition of some of the units and relocation of others will disturb the asbestos and recommends removal prior to the beginning of these works.

All asbestos found was contained within the External Cement based cladding systems (fascia boards, toilet entrance canopy soffit, external wall cladding).  These cladding systems had little to no damage and posed a “low risk” (out of High, Medium and Low risk options) through general occupancy of these areas.  Buildings that contain asbestos that is in a stable condition (no matter the location of the asbestos) are assumed to be a “low risk” to occupancy.

The following methodology will be followed

  • The asbestos removal control plan has been developed by a certified asbestos removal contractor.
  • The asbestos removal control plan has been reviewed by the Main Contractor and the Project Manager.
  • New Zealand Worksafe has been notified.
  • The sheets will be removed and wrapped in 200 micron polythene and disposed of at a dangerous goods landfill.
  • Polythene will be placed on the ground below the cladding to deal with any contamination.  ENGEO will establish control monitoring.
  • Clear Air Asbestos will set up a day contamination area.
  • A hazard zone will be maintained.

The planning process is thorough and robust and meets industry standards.

Please let us know if you require more information about the process.