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BYOD at East

Students in Year 9 will need to bring their own digital devices (BYOD) to school for note taking, researching, presenting and other learning activities. Students from other year levels can also bring a device to assist their learning. For further information please see attached letter.

The Device Guide for caregivers when purchasing a device can be downloaded here - BYOD Device Guide and Information Guide.

Students are expected to comply with the school's WEGC Empowered Media User Agreement when using any digital device on the school network.

BYOD Purchasing

A selection of cost-effective options that meet our guidelines for suitable student devices is available from our supply partner Cyclone Computers.

To browse their selection go to their website at and use the following credentials to log in:

User: weg      Pass: wegcbyod

Contact Cyclone for additional options if you don't find something appropriate for you in this selection. Devices not in this selection or from other vendors that meet the guidelines are also welcome.

BYOD Survey Results

We are into our third year of compulsory BYOD, so now the Year 11-9s should all have their own devices.  At the end of 2016 we surveyed the Year 9 and 10s about their BYOD use.  

Here are some of the key results from the survey:

  • Students use a range of devices with the most common being Macbooks (30%), Windows Laptop (27%), Chromebooks (23%) and ipads (10%).  
  • Most students were happy with the performance of the device they had, with 75% rating it either ‘good’ or ‘fantastic’, with no particular device rated more highly or lower than others
  • Most students (70%) are not needing to repair their devices and are looking after them very carefully, and the more common things being repaired were power-supply issues and hardware issues
  • Students are bringing their devices to school regularly, with 88% staying they bring it every day or most days
  • Most students (98.5%) can access their online schoolwork at home
  • Students were using devices frequently in a lot of classes, including core subjects; 86% frequently used devices in English, 93% in Science, and 92% in Social Studies
  • Most students (88%)  felt confident about their ability to use their device
  • 81% of students said using devices helped them engage with their school-work
  • Some of the tools that were being used most regularly were;   collaborating with google docs (93%), creating content on google docs (92%), inquiring using the internet (77%), inquiring using email and Skype (70%) and Kahoot games (77%)