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Snapper and ID Cards

Every student is required to have a current ID card.  

The options for ID cards are below:

Snapper Cards - $20

These are recommended for students who travel by bus as a 20% discount is given off the cash price of a single child fare.

Snapper cards are valid for the time students are at WEGC.  If a student has a Snapper card they don't need to purchase a new one.  If she turns 16 this year she will need to have the travel concession renewed on her Snapper card.  This can be done, with proof of enrolment for the current school year, at a Snapper Service Centre or via email 

Wellington ISITE Pop - Up, Ticket Office, 109-111 Wakefield Street.  Open Every day 8.30am - 5.00pm, Public Holidays 11.00am - 4.00pm.Contact directly - 0800 555 345 or

WEGC Standard ID Card for Year 13 Students - $10

The other option is purchasing a standard ID card which is updated annually.  

Student photographs for both cards are taken in February.  Payments for Snappers to be made in the Student Services Centre by Monday 10th February.  

Lost ID Cards

If students lose Snapper or ID cards they should go to the Student Services Centre to order a new one.