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Being Kind Online at East

It’s about behaviour and choices, not the technology itself. We had a great presentation from Netsafe for our juniors. Click here to see some of the key points from it.

Online Safety Hub

As part of our arrangement with Linewize (Content filtering and Internet safety service) we are pleased to announce that access to their Online Safety Hub is now live. The hub provides advice and support for parents and caregivers regarding online safety.


The online safety service includes free access to the Qustodio Parent app. allowing you to create your own Qustodio account to use at home across two devices free of charge.

Key features include:

- Filter and block apps and content that you don’t want your child to see

- Customise what your child can access during homework hours

- Balance screen time by setting time limits on devices as well as for specific apps

- Protect screen-free moments such as mealtimes and bedtimes.

You can create your Qustodio account through the Online Safety Hub.

For any further questions regarding Qustodio please contact them via email at

We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best resources for our school communities and encourage you all to utilize the Online Safety Hub.