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At Wellington East Girls' College we are proud of our place in the education community. We are proud of the reputation we have for student centred learning based on valuing the unique diversity of each student.

I believe that Wellington East Girls' College equips young women to take an active role in the 21st century, in further education, in employment and in life.

I am constantly impressed by the commitment and professionalism of the staff, the engagement, motivation and confidence of the young women in our school and our strongly interconnected school community. These three things make it possible to develop and sustain a school which fosters talent, unlocks human potential and builds resilience.

We have embarked on a school development programme at Wellington East Girls' College. Four areas; strategic alignment, learning and teaching in the 21st century, ICT enabling learning, and community relationships building have been identified as the basis for changes that are designed to improve outcomes for all students at the college.

At Wellington East Girls' College we are enhancing our significant strengths, innovating to meet challenge and change and creating opportunity for all through excellence in learning and teaching.

Sally Haughton

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