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WEGC has four houses, each lead by a prefect.  

There are fierce rivalries between them, especially for Athletics Day and House Singing.  

At the end of the year a trophy is presented for the top overall house.

Jellicoe (Green)

HELLO! My name is Amy Nhim and I am your Jellicoe House prefect for 2019! Welcome to the GREEN house, the house of the mighty CHANG CHANG JELLICOE! Here we are in 2019, a year full of new adventures and fun. We take pride in our house for creating a sisterhood environment, and spreading our amazing Jellicoe spirit among our #eastsisters. Jelly Girl's are here to shine, to stand strong, to scream at the top of our lungs 'JELLICOE IS GONNA WIN IT THIS YEAR', and to always strive for the best for our team, our family. I am proud to say that team Jellicoe will always win with spirit no matter who we are and where we go. An important goal for me this year would be to ensure we have fun together as we rise to the top of the leader board. Get excited Jellicoe, because the 2019 House Cup isn't far away, we got this, LETS MAKE HISTORY! Much love. Your Jellicoe prefect, Amy

Onslow (Blue)

Hi Everyone!! I'm Petra Clarkson, the Onslow house prefect for 2019. This year is going to be filled with cheering, competitions, chanting and collaboration between all 4 of the houses; and I can't wait! I'm super excited to ignite the blue spark inside of each and every one of my Onslow girls. With our immense school spirit and shared love for Onslow, I'm definitely prepared to lead us to victory in winning the house cup 2019 - so let's go get it!!

Bledislow (Red)

Malo I'm Genesis Siataga and this year, 2019, I've been given the privilege of leading THE BEST and ONLY RED HOUSE in the school, aka Bledisloe - We've already kicked off the year by winning athletics last term and I'm crazy excited to see just how much further we can go to win that house cup. I love my Bledisloe girls, seeing how pumped and excited they were at athletics day participating, cheering and chanting their hearts out while having my back made me even more grateful I'm able to lead this huge group of beautiful, talented and crazy girls!! I promised myself I wouldn't be an ordinary leader I'd be a cool leader that cool mom to my Bledisloe babies. I'm ready to run beside them all as we chase after that house cup and come out on top - but no matter what Bledisloe spirit will always be number 1, and Bledisloe will always have my heart... let's smash it this year sisterrrsss!! Let's Bounce Back!! - Gen xx

Bledisloe will give it to ya, we gone give it to ya

Fergusson (Yellow)

Hey everyone! I’m Zoe crawford and I’m so honoured to be your 2019 Fergusson prefect. I’m looking forward to a great year ahead and all the events we have planned for you guys. I want to make an effort to get to know you all and make you proud to be in Fergusson! Let’s win the house cup back to back! If any of you Fergie girls see me round come say hi as I’d love to get to know the amazing people in my house.