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WEGC has four houses, each lead by a prefect.  

There are fierce rivalries between them, especially for Athletics Day and House Singing.  

At the end of the year a trophy is presented for the top overall house.

Bledislow (red)

HELLO BLEDISLOE LADIES!! It's your 2k18 Bledisloe prefect Ella! Welcome to the elite house, the Gryffindor of WEGC, the RED HOT Bledisloe house! Here at the Bledisloe house we hold the legacy of winning the WEGC Athletics most years, so congratulations on being a part of such a noble house. The Bledisloe house is all about supporting and lifting up our fellow bledislo-ians. We always strive for the best and encourage our Bledisloe sisters to do so too. As Bledisloe House, we proudly represent encouragement and involvement while wearing that beautiful red colour #bleedred! This year I look forward to leading Bledisloe and continue the legacy of winning Athletics day and house week!Lots and lots of love,Your Bledisloe prefect, Ella 

Fergusson (Yellow)

Hello and Talofa lava, my name is Carré Fitisemanu, and I am the 2018 House Prefect of the mighty Fergusson House! As the house ‘reping’ the colour of bright yellow, we pride ourselves in being the most fun, positive, and enthusiastic house out of the four. Sure, hardcore competitiveness and winning is fine and dandy, but sharing laughs, running a race with friends on Athletics Day, and displaying ‘Fergie Girl’ house pride by screaming chants at the top of your lungs is far more important; and much more fun! My goal for this year, aside from beating the other houses, is to ensure everyone within the Fergusson house has an action packed, fun filled and exciting year.

Jellicoe (Green)

Hey! I'm Ruby Hudson and I'm the Jellicoe House Prefect for 2018! To be a Jelly girl is to be courageous, kind, inclusive and enthusiastic. I am really looking forward to this year to work with all the amazing Jellicoe girls and help the year 9's experience house and school pride for the first time. Lets get excited Jelly girls, win the house cup and most of all, lets have fun while doing it!!

Onslow (Blue)

Hi there! My names Alex, your 2k18 ONSLOW prefect. Welcome to onslow, oh mighty onslow! As East girls we bleed blue and gold #eastcolours, however here at onslow we embody the colour BLUE! Onslow girls never give up, we stand strong and we stand together. We are basically the definition of amazing. This year I am most excited about leading our house to take out the other houses during house week! Woohoo