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WEGC has four houses, each led by a prefect.  

There are fierce rivalries between them, especially for Athletics Day and House Singing.  

At the end of the year a trophy is presented for the top overall house.

Heyyy my name is Miron Girmay and I am your Edger House Prefect for 2021!! Welcome to the GREEN house!! This year I am so excited to work with and alongside everyone in Edger and lead us to a win! I know that our house has the best EAST SPIRIT which makes us the best house!!! I am also so excited for you guys to put the edger east spirit into events like athletics day, house week and so many more events we have planned for you guys during the year!! Our house represents our three values here at WEGC, aroha, rangatiratanga and whanaungatanga. This year my main goal is to implement these as a whole house and make sure we are taking pride in our house and using these values to push us to our very best selves!!! If any of you see me around, make sure you say hi as I would love to meet you all. Let's win it this year!!! Much love, your proud leader Miron

Hey Hey, my name is Sylvie Kynaston and I am your Sheppard house prefect for 2021!!! I am sooo excited for this year as the other house prefects and I have so many fun filled activities planned for you all! I can’t wait to meet you all and work together to win the house cup for the second year in a row! Our house is MIGHTY and filled with EAST SPIRIT so I can’t wait to see it shine through during our various activities such as ,committee meetings, athletics day, house week and so many more! In Sheppard we take pride in making sure everyone is having a great time, and year 9s as it is your first year I can assure you that you will feel welcome and at home as our house embodies the school values of whanaungatanga, rangatiratanga and aroha. I can't wait to meet all of you, so please say hi if you see me round the hallways. Been waiting for this year for 5 years so let’s BRING ON 2021!! Lots of love, your 2021 leader and older sister sylvie xx

Hello, I’m Lily Rapson and I'm really excited to be the Tirikatene prefect for this year! I can't wait to meet all the tirikatene girls and work together to beat the other 3 houses. So excited to see everyone ready to go and filled with heaps of house spirit at athletics day and other fun events throughout the year. Tirikatene is all about supporting each other, having the best time and taking that number 1 spot! Being a part of tirikatene is such a privilege and we pride ourselves alot with whanaungatanga and our spirit/family like environment. Can't wait for this year and to see all the tirikatene girls involved, get ready tirikatene we got this! Love Lily, your 2021 house prefect.

Hey everyone!! My name is Izzy Peet and I’m your 2021 Cooper house prefect! I’m so excited to get to know everyone and work alongside you all throughout what I’m sure will be a great year. I know everyones got oodles of house spirit and I can’t wait to see it throughout the year at all the super fun events going on. The Cooper house spirit runs deep and I’m really looking forward to watching you all thrive in the competitions, rivalry and collaborations we’ll have with the other three houses. We’ve got tons and tons of yellow spirit, pride and love so LET'S GET THE HOUSE CUP BACK!!! Lots of love, Izzy, your proud Cooper leader.