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Wellington East Girls' College sells new and second hand uniforms from the School Reception 8.15am to 3.30pm during the term.

Appointments for full fittings are available by phoning 385 8514  or alternatively by email to

Cash and Eftpos/Credit Card are acceptable forms of payment.

Information for Work and Income Support is available.

We also stock good quality second-hand uniform items at half the full retail price. 

Full details available from the School Reception or by emailing:

Uniform – Compulsory for All Students  

Please download full information  and pricing

Uniform Information and Pricing, as at 9 February 2024

Please note the following:

  • We have a capsule uniform and students can choose to wear items from our range.
  • There is no separate summer/winter uniform.
  • Formal uniform is to be worn to events where our school is being represented, eg Prizegiving. The formal uniform is tights or white socks, blouse, jersey/vest/cardigan, Blazer, skirt/trousers, black shoes
  • Jewellery limited to a watch, cultural or regilious necklace, up to two sets of earrings (studs or small sleepers), and one nose stud (not sleeper).
  • Headscarves, worn for religious reasons only, are to be plain black, navy blue or white.
  • A plain black jacket can be worn.
  • A white thermal can be worn under a school shirt as long as it is not visible.
  • No coloured nail polish, minimal make up
  • All clothing and gear should be clearly and permanently labelled.  Markers available for purchase 
  • Uniform is optional in Year 13, however must be worm for all formal occasions


Students must have separate PE gear:

  • Navy blue shorts and WEGC navy and gold PE top
  • Sports Hoodie – Compulsory for all representative sports travel. Optional for all other students attending sporting events. The hoodie is only worn for PE and sporting events.
  • Navy blue track pants and thermals (these are optional items) - purchased from other Retails Outlets
  • Non marking Sports Shoes – Purchased from other Retail Outlets