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Emergency Planning

In the case of a major emergency, we would keep all students on the school grounds under the supervision of staff. The buildings would be checked and we would keep girls in those that are safe, otherwise we would assemble in our outside evacuation areas.

Students would not be released from school until we are sure of their safety for going home . Otherwise, we would keep students on site until they can be collected by a caregiver or another adult - provided the student feels safe and comfortable leaving with that adult. Records of all girls leaving would be kept stating when they left, with whom and intended safe location. It is important that all students are signed out in this way.

We are aware that some senior students may be designated to collect younger siblings but our priority is to ensure our students are safe, so they would not be released until we are confident they can travel safely to do this.

The school has built up supplies of food, water, first aid materials, and other equipment in the event we are required to keep students safe at school (for up to three days if necessary). We also have detailed plans for managing a range of emergencies.

Please discuss this in relation to your family emergency planning and make sure that your daughter understands your expectations in an emergency. We will make sure that school plans and the reasons for them are understood by the girls.

Please ensure your contact details are up to date with the school
Please consider downloading our App - as this will be used in communicating home