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2019 Course Selection

It is important that you take some time to consider your options and the career pathways open to you.

People you need to speak to help you make your decisions:

  • AKO teacher
  • Subject Teacher
  • Dean
  • Parent/Caregiver
  • Careers Advisors

Once you have discussed your options with the required people, especially your AKO teacher, you can then make your subject selections on the KAMAR student portal.

It is important to take some time with this and select relevant subjects for you.

Download Booklet for 2019 Course Selection

Download Booklet for 2020 Course Selection

Download Curriculum Flow Chart

How to make course selections in KAMAR (Year 10 -13)

The Curriculum in Year 9 and Year 10

Students in Years 9 and 10 do a wide range of subjects so they will have plenty of choices available to them in the senior school.

Subjects in Year 9

Students do all of these:  English, Mathematics and Statistics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education, Health Education, and Technology. 

In Technology, students will study two technology subjects chosen from:  Food Technology; Information Technology (IT); Soft Materials Technology (Fabrics); Hard Materials Technology(Workshop); Graphics 

Students choose two of these:  Chinese, Drama and Dance, Economics, French, Reading, ESOL (English for speakers of other languages), Samoan, Te Reo Māori

Subjects in Year 10

Students do all of these:  English, Mathematics and Statistics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health Education.

Students choose three of these:  Art, Chinese, Fabrics and Design, Drama and Dance, ESOL, Food Technology, Economics, French, Graphics and Design, Geography, Information Management, History, Te Reo Māori, Music, Reading, Workshop Technology and Samoan.

The Curriculum in the Senior School

We are proud of the academic successes girls achieve in external examinations in the senior school.

A focus on course and career counselling helps all students leave school with worthwhile qualifications and a direction to pursue in further education or employment.

Subjects in Year 11

All students do a course in:  English, Mathematics and Statistics, and Science

Students choose three of these:  Accounting, Art, Māori and Pacific Art, Chinese, Dance, Drama, Economics, ESOL, Fabrics and Design, Food and Nutrition, French, Geography, Graphics, History, Information Management, Latin, Te Reo Māori, Music, Physical Education, Samoan, Workshop Technology.

Subjects in Year 12 and 13

Students do all of these:  English (or Alternative English). Some Year 13 students gain exemptions from studying English in order to pursue specialist courses.Students choose:  Five further options in Year 12 and four further options in Year 13

Learning Areas

The curriculum provided at Wellington East Girls' College is based on the New Zealand Curriculum.  It provides students with the opportunities to develop the values, key competencies and knowledge that are vital to becoming active, confident and contributing members of society.

Learning Area Pages

Follow the links below to find out more about specific subjects

The Arts

Art History:

Dance and Drama


Visual Art


Media Studies

English for Speakers of other languages

Health and Physical Education

Physical Education and Health

Health Biology

Outdoor Education

Learning Languages

  • Chinese
  • French
  • Samoan
  • Te Reo Maori

Mathematics and Statistics


Science - STEM

The Science department is looking to bring STEM learning into their subject and this is one extension project that some Year 10s undertook.






Tikanga-ā-iwi (Social Sciences)

Classical Studies



Social Studies

In Year 10, there is an end of year event where students are challenged to look at community issues and come up with actions or solutions for them.



Understanding Religion


Design and Visual Communication

Digital Technologies

Fabrics Technology

Food Technology