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School Buses

We have been notified by Metlink of the following changes effective from 15 July 2018:-


Fares and ticket types will change and Snapper will be the better way to pay on all Metlink train, school and public bus services across the region. From Sunday 15 July Snapper will be accepted on all Metlink buses right across the region. If you have a Mana/Newlands or Uzabus card please get a free Snapper card, check it has a Child Concession loaded and top it up before they board the bus. From Monday 23 July school term passes will be discontinued and students using Metlink services will need to pay using a Snapper card with a Child Concession for Metlink buses, or use Metlink rail 10-trip tickets and monthly passes on trains.

School Buses

Wellington School Buses

To find the school bus information scroll down to “Updates for Bus Services in Wellington City” and then scroll down to Wellington East Girls’ College.

Please note that the Wednesday afternoon timetable has the following bus routes leaving at 2.25pm:- 707, 720, 722, 723 and 724.

Our school bus timetable is available here.


If you have any concerns or issues related to the school buses contact either the school bus co-ordinator, Ann Greenaway, or Melink.   

Ann Greenaway Phone 385 8514

Melink - click here for Metlink website