Kia ora koutou,

It has been encouraging to hear the Prime Minister's message today that Auckland appears to be past the peak of Omicron cases and that the rest of New Zealand will do so over the next few weeks. This definitely coincides with what we are seeing here at school. The number of positive student cases being reported this week is reducing and we have staff returning who have been ill or isolating. I am also pleased to report that we have seen an increase in the number of students attending learning on site which is really exciting. 

Due to these changes we are pleased to be operating a business as usual approach from Monday 28 March with all students attending on site for learning. 

Our critical factor in determining how school operates is the number of teaching staff available to provide classes and/or supervision of students. We have developed a framework that will help us to manage any sudden changes in staff absence due to Omicron:

Approach to learning Staff absence - Less than 20%

  • Students attend face to face learning
  • School timetable and locations run as normal
  • Digital first approach with all learning available on Google Classroom for students who are unable to attend
  • Students who are isolating follow timetable and engage through google meet in first 10 mins of session and Google Classroom

Approach to learning Staff absence - Greater than 20%

  • School will be open to students who wish to learn on site
  • Hybrid approach will be implemented
  • Students will follow timetable either at home or school 
  • Onsite classes may be collapsed with changed locations for classes
  • Year levels may be rostered home 
  • Digital first approach with all learning available on Google Classroom for students who are unable to attend
  • Students who are isolating follow timetable and engage through google meet in first 10 mins of session and Google Classroom

This approach will enable us to be much more agile in our response. This does mean, however, that we may move in and out of the Hybrid approach at short notice. To ensure that you are well informed of any changes that may occur, I would ask that you keep an close eye on email and updates.

Returning to school - how can you help?

Over the past two years we have learned quite a bit about how we can support our learners  returning to school and re-engaging with learning. Here are some ways you can support your young person.

Irrespective of age, routines are a key protective factor to support and sustain a successful transition back to school. This means re-establishing these behaviours and habits

  • Reset routines - for those who have been learning from home, gradually re-set the alarm clock to ensure your young person will be at school on time.
  • Attendance is key. We appreciate there will be some families/caregivers who will choose to keep their young person at home for really good reasons and our Hybrid approach to learning supports these students to engage with their learning from home. Please encourage and support attendance every lesson, every day.
  • Make sure uniform is ready - being in uniform also helps students return to school community mode. You can support your young person with this. When some of our students have returned to school after past lockdowns or time away during this current COVID wave, a few have returned to school in non uniform. Again, the routine needs to be reestablished. Please note- if a student comes to school without their uniform on, they will be sent home to change into their uniform. 
  • Masks are still mandatory in schools. We do have a few available for students who come without one. However, can we encourage putting masks in bags as another step in returning to routine.
  • Even though they can push back, teenagers need sleep
  • Ask your student to check they have their computer fully charged each morning. It is recommended that they bring a charger and headphones too.

Other ways you can help:

  • Please be positive and enthusiastic about your young person returning to full school
  • Let your student know it’s OK to feel nervous. Reassure them that they’ll get through it.
  • Encourage them to reconnect with friends/ peers.
  • Encourage them to get back into their usual clubs/ committees/sports
  • Be hopeful
  • Stay connected with us

If you are worried about getting your student back into school or how they are coping, please contact their Ako teacher in the first instance. Our guidance team and our deans can also be contacted. We are here to support. 


To ensure we gather an accurate picture of COVID related absences (COVID positive or isolating) we are asking that you complete the form using this link: 

For any other absences please email or ring 385 8514 ext 848.

We are really looking forward to having all our students back at school. We miss them and their presence here.  

Ngā mihi nui

Gael Ashworth