We always enjoy a great variety of food stalls at our annual Food Fair. As the parent body, we would love for you to support our school by running a stall. The profits of this stall would go back to our school, to help support our students and provide valuable resources. We are happy to help organise stall helpers and  equipment. Any purchases made for ingredients will be reimbursed with receipts provided.

This is a wonderful opportunity to promote your business, or the business of a friend, to share your cultures' cuisine, or simply to make delicious food. If you, your student, or your business are interested in holding a stall this year, please fill out the form here.

If you are not able to hold a stall this year, you can still support us in other ways:

1) If you have connections to a business that would be interested in sponsoring products for our raffle, and being recognised as an official sponsor for the event, please contact us

2) Each year level holds a stall and students will be asked to provide a small contribution towards their year level stall in the form of products. For our year 9 and 10's, their stall will be Tombola, and, if possible, we hope for each student to provide something towards this - whether it be a can, jar or random object.

3) Finally, we would love to see you on the night, for an event full of delicious food, amazing entertainment and great fun.

If you have any questions, please email schoolcouncil@wegc.school.nz

We look forward to hearing from you and enjoying your support on the night.