A Learning Conference is an annual meeting to help develop a strong learning partnership between the student, their parents/caregivers and their Ako Teacher, and as such it is very important for all parties to attend if at all possible.

Each Conference will be 20 minutes which your daughter will facilitate, with the support of her Ako Teacher. There is one booking per student. In the junior school (Years 9 and 10) the discussion will focus on her learning progress in the different subject areas, with a view to setting a learning goal to continue her progress this year and into the future. In the senior school (Years 11 – 13) students will be discussing their learning progress, their personal assessment calendar, tracking and talking about how this will connect to their future pathways.

There is a link below to a letter you can take to your employer informing them of the importance of the Learning Conference, should you need to take time off from your work. You will receive a copy of your daughter’s Interim Report at this meeting and be shown how to access the online report comments through the KAMAR parent portal.

Please come to the Hall five minutes before your meeting time to find out where your meeting will take place. Our Careers staff will be on hand with careers information in the Hall and your daughter’s Dean will also be available there if you want to meet with them. You can book your appointment online (link to instructions below). Please book your appointment as soon as possible. If we see you haven’t booked an appointment your daughter's Ako Teacher will contact you on Friday 29 March. Access to bookings will close on 2 April at 4pm.

Just a reminder that classes finish at 12.15pm on Thursday 4th April and there will be no classes on Friday 5th April as teachers will be involved with the Learning Conferences. If you would like your daughter to be supervised on the afternoon of Thursday 4 April please contact your daughter’s Ako Teacher. School buses will operate the same on Thursday 4  April. There will be parking available for parents onsite, on the back courts by the Sports Centre only.

Link to Letter to your employer

Link to how to book an appointment