The following email outlines how these meetings will work. I have tried to make this as simple as possible, but there are some nuances to the overall process for bookings that have been made on our Parent Portal website.

An email has been sent out to all families who have meetings tonight, with the google meet links. 

All teachers have set up two Google Meet links. When it is time for your parent meeting, you will access the document, scroll to the teacher, then click on one of the Google Meet links for that teacher. To maintain a distraction free meeting, one link is for meeting times scheduled to start at a time ending in a 0 (such as 4:00, 4:50 or 5:40), the other link is for meeting times scheduled to start at a time ending in a 5 (such as 4:05, 4:55 or 5:45).

To make these sessions run as smoothly as possible, please consider the following:

- Use the same email address that you booked your interviews with to enter the google meet (not your child's email address)

- Please turn up to your interview on time and attempt to enter the room

- Please be aware of the 5 minute time allowance, and do not be offended if the teacher politely asks to end the meeting. Previously we have allowed for a 5 minute buffer between meetings. Because this was such a sudden announcement, we have not been able to include these buffers, so some teachers are going almost non stop with online meetings for the entire evening.

We understand that now some of you won't be able to access these meetings, and I do apologise for that. Please feel free to email the teachers for an update if this is the case.

Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.