For those in our school community who have an interest in joining the WEGC Board, there are two opportunities to join the board.  Following the election last year we had a vacancy for one 3 year term, since then we have had a resignation from an elected member who has moved overseas.   If elected you would remain on the board until the elections in 2025, ie the remainder of the 3 year term.

We have appointed CESL to run this election for us and they will be commence sending nomination forms via email (or post if we have not email).  Please check your SPAM if you should have received one and haven’t.  Nominations close 12pm, Friday 17th February.  If we go to Election that is set for 24th March.  Your first Board meeting would be in 5th April.

I would encourage any parent who is interested in being a Board member to put their name forward. Being a Board member is interesting, you get to see quite a different side of education and how the college works and its a way to contribute to your community.

If you would like to ask any questions about these elections, feel free to email me via Otherwise keep an eye out for notifications about the election in the near future.

Will Peet

Presiding Member, WEGC Board