Metlink have informed us that in response to customer feedback they are making the following changes to Route 727 and Route 734, effective from Monday 14 October 2019.

Route 727 is changing route to 731. Look out for the new bus number 731 on the morning service, this will now match the afternoon service to include Owhiro Bay.

Route 734: Brooklyn - Kingston - Vogeltown - Basin Schools. This bus will now start from Ohiro Road at Bretby Crescent, before Brooklyn Hub to provide more coverage for our students and to reduce congestion on Cleveland Street.

Please refer to the PDF document attached here. This shows the new map and timetable for those specific route numbers.

You will be able to view the changes and the Metlink services updated on their website from Monday 30 September. Note:- change the date to 14 October to see the new timetable.

These changes will take place on day 1 of Term 4, Monday 14 October 2019