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Lemau Sio and Greer Forde-MacNaughton

“Take the light and pass it on”

These 7 words in both their simplicity and strength embody the true meaning of life at East. To take the light and to pass it on, is something all girls have been reminded to almost daily during their time at East. To take the light is to take the experiences, the power and the strength attending a school such as East gifts to a student and to then pass it on to the next generation of east sisters.

Wellington East Girls' College has been at the forefront of girls education for 93 years, a place for all with the idea of community eloquently encompassed in our school motto. East is a school where students learn to succeed and thrive in all aspects of life - from on the sports field, to the classroom to the stage. We excel across the board and all because of our sense of community. Every girl that makes the trek up the mighty hill and into the open arms of East will be changed because of the community here. We are made up of no one type of girl. Our girls come from a range of backgrounds and cultures, we have different hobbies and interests and we excel in different areas. But these differences are what make us stronger. Through the connections we form at East - we grow through our shared experiences and the light each of us possess within.

Everyday changing for the better. Everyday we take our light - that thing that makes us special and and we pass it on.

This is one of the many things we love so much about this mighty school. Having the opportunity to lead 1000 amazing girls is a job we never take for granted and we are humbled daily as we watch East girls - as we watch our sisters grow and change.

So welcome, welcome to East.

Walk up that hill and into those gates with your light shining bright and  your sisters beside you.